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Below you can see an example of an undergraduate thesis that has been optimized by one of our skilled reviewers.

The text is an excerpt of the bachelor thesis that the student sent for proofreading 

From the above we interpret that nursing is practiced from an organizational framework, which is reflected by the limited time aspect and standardization. In this way, the concept that standardization must promote patient safety and make nursing individualized is difficult to live by in practice. Bundgaard also points out that by laying out that individualization of nursing depends on how much time is available.

And here you see the same excerpt, but after the bachelor’s degree.

Based on the above, we consider that nursing practice is a consequence of organizational frameworks that can be characterized by limited time and standardization of work. The goal of standardization, namely promoting patient safety and individualizing nursing, is difficult to live up to in practice. Bundgaard also points out that individualization of care depends on the time available.

Compared to the original, the proofread text is more accurate, unambiguous and academic in its use. This is something the censor notices and takes into account in the assessment.

You can read much more about bachelor proofing here. If you would like to see more examples of the linguistic transformation that the above bachelor underwent in the proofreading, go to the page here.

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