It is a good idea to shorten the time of college lectures

It is not strange to find students disengaging from their lectures.

They could be in class when, in the real sense, their minds are at home. This is due to the boredom that kicks in when you spend hours on end in class, listening to boring lectures. At times, this boredom is caused by a lecturer who can’t read the mood in the class. Some lecturers will keep teaching whether or not their students are attentive. Sadly, all these are caused by the long hours assigned to college lectures. It could help if this time were shortened. Here is why:

Attention Span

A student’s attention span is affected by different factors. First is by the complexity of a task. The more complex a paper is, the higher the chances that a student will lose concentration. Sadly, even the simplest subjects in college always seem technical. They require a lot of concentration to understand. This means that students are likely to have a shorter attention span on most of the subjects taught in class. Their attention spans are shortened further when they have to sit for more than a single lecture in a day. Sadly, this is never considered in the timing of lessons; no wonder most students can’t stand the long hours in class.

Time of the day is another factor that affects a student’s attention span. According to research, students are most active during morning hours – i.e., between 8 am, and 11 am. They are less distracted from their studies and can last longer in class. Interestingly, they begin to lose attention as noon approaches, all the way into the evening. Sadly, this is never factored in when preparing lecture timetables. Rather than assigning a lengthy lecture in the morning, this time could be divided to accommodate shorter lectures.

Distractions in class

Students easily get distracted during their classes. Most will be on their phones logged into their favorite social media platforms. They will secretly chat with virtual friends and write my paper for cheap completely zone out of the class. This is due to the long waits for breaks. It is almost impossible to think that you will create a 2-hour lecture class and expect students to hold their horses for all those hours. In fact, most will even excuse themselves, pretending to be going to the washrooms, only to spend hours outside on their phones. Long lectures seem to lose any meaning in such moments of distraction since students fail to get anything that’s being taught. Thus, it would be better to be precise rather than providing lengthy information and losing students in all those jargons.


Lecturers are meant to provide you with 20% of all you need to know. It is up to you to create time for your studies to acquire the remaining 80%. This means that you need more time on your own than you need for your classes. However, college students are forced to do the reverse: spending more time in class and less time on their own. This makes no sense when you think of the quantity of information provided in classes. Thus, college lectures should be shortened to allow for more time for personal studies and class assignments.

There could be a thousand reasons to prove why college lectures should be shortened. Most of these are well-known to college administrations. However, little is being done to correct this, since everything is done on a race to clear the syllabus. Hopefully, something can be done to fix this.