Student proof of thesis

We specialize in student proofreading of theses. We have skilled freelance reviewers associated with the company who are happy to read proofreading on your thesis.

All proofreading with us is quality checked by Jan, who has many years of experience in task proofing and academic writing – both as a teacher and as a written examiner at several educational institutions.

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You can also take advantage of the free trial proof offer if you want to see the proof before you order.

A proofreader is sought

If it is a reviewer that is being sought, you have landed on the right page. At We are ready to read professional proof of your thesis: synopse, bachelor’s project, master’s thesis, master’s project or dissertation.

We have the expertise in the house to optimize the language of your assignment taking into account the subject’s professional area. All of our reviewers are familiar with academic writing, scientific assignments and most importantly: legal writing. Spelling is our special area, and we therefore know everything about spelling, both in depth and breadth.

Price of proofreading

We offer different types of proofing.

Correction Basis is our standard correction that optimizes the language of your assignment by correcting all errors: punctuation, misspellings, typos, grammatical errors and all other types of errors. In addition, the Basic Proof corrects completely obvious errors in, for example, word choice, phrase and quotation technique.

Proof Plus is the extended proof that, in addition to the basic proof, also corrects bad language, ambiguity and linguistic inconsistency.

Proofing Mini is our offer for students who want proofreading of a shorter assignment / synopse (up to 10 pages). The price is definitely the market’s lowest price for small tasks.

Get a great deal on proofing here. We have a price guarantee. No, not just a price guarantee! We always go 10% below the price you were offered elsewhere.

You are also always welcome to use the free trial proofing offer.

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