Study proof at a great price

There are many proofreading agencies that offer to offer the country’s best student proofing award. Fair enough. 

We have a price guarantee on study proof. It doesn’t just mean that we match another cheap price. This means that we automatically go 10% below the price of the proof you have found or offered elsewhere.

You can see our standard prices here:

Is low cost of study proof the same as low quality of proofreading?

No, it’s not. It is Jan who quality assures the proofreading service that has thousands of corrected assignments behind him and is himself a written examiner at various programs. We would never be able to live with a high quality work.

If you are still hesitant, you can always take advantage of the free trial proof offer. Then you can then evaluate the work.

We are so confident that we provide quality proofing that, unlike the other reviewing agencies, we will not charge you until you have approved the review.

How can prices be so low?

Our study correction rates are very low. We can offer this because our website is not driven by a need for earnings. We are a team of dedicated linguists who all have full-time jobs alongside working with us.

Student proofreading is a service that requires neither space nor a production apparatus. With others, we only have the cost of our freelance reviewers. In return, we give them a decent salary, because quality costs.

But overall, we have a low cost level and can therefore offer a very low price for proofing.

Study proof of all assignments

We have extensive experience with study correction, and we correct all types of assignments: small assignments and synopsis, bachelor’s assignments, theses, master’s projects, dissertations, etc.

We have skilled and experienced reviewers to handle the proof of any assignment in English.

  • Thesis proof at a good price
  • Proof raises the level
  • Thesis proof at a good price

We are happy to offer students special proofing at a good price, in fact at the best of the market.

We have read lots of theses at a high academic level in various faculties and disciplines. We have also read many specialties, where the relationship between the academic and the linguistic level is strikingly disharmonious.

Our review compensates for the difference between the academic and the linguistic levels. When we proofread, we raise the linguistic level. We cannot translate bad language into a good language, but we can guarantee that proofreading raises the language of the thesis several levels.

Read much more about proofreading thesis.

Cheap thesis proof

The price of proofreading of theses is 6 øre per. words, equivalent to 25 kr. normal page (incl. mons) for Correction Basis. The correction corrects all formal errors in the thesis.

If you also want us to correct the thesis for unclear language, inaccurate word choice and linguistic inconsistency, you can choose Proof Plus.

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